Prof. Dr. César Augusto Dartora


Currently, I am interested in the following fields:

1) Condensed Matter Physics: 

¨ Charge and Spin Quantum Transport in Nanostructures, involving analytical and numerical methods.

¨ Gauge Symmetries and its consequences for Solid State Matter, mainly in the study of magnetic properties and spin currents.

¨ Polymers and Applications: theory and experiment, solar cell devices and sensors.

¨ Superconductor and Magnetic Materials, Coexistence between superconductivity and magnetic order.

¨ Physics of Graphene and other bidimensional systems, with applications.

2) Quantum Field Theories:

¨ Emergent phenomena and Gauge Symmetries, both in particle physics and condensed matter.

¨ Dirac Equation in higher dimensions, the origin of chirality in Electroweak Theory.

¨ Emergence of Supersymmetry in Condensed Matter and possible analogies with high-energy physics.

3) Electromagnetic Theory:

¨ Wave propagation, Diffraction-free beams and Antennas.

¨ Analogies between Optics and Quantum Mechanics.

 I can advice students who are seeking for a M.Sc. or a Ph.D. degree in two distinct graduate programs:

̃ Electrical Engineering (PPGEE/UFPR)

̃ Materials Science  and Engineering (PIPE/UFPR)

 The complete list of my published papers is available at CV Lattes.