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The Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE) is a stricto sensu Postgraduate course provided at the Federal University of Parana (UFPR) and it aims to bring up highly qualified professionals, in Master’s and PhD’s degrees, capable of accomplishing scientific research and technological development in the following areas: Energy Systems, Electronic Systems and Telecommunications.

The Master’s and PhD’s courses are made for both full time students (with the possibility of scholarships from Brazilian foundations, such as, CAPES, CNPq and Fundação Araucária, as well as, from Research and Developments (R&D) Projects in different sectors and industries), and working professionals that seek the improvement of their knowledge in the mentioned areas.

The selective process for the Master’s course occurs twice a year. The announcements are published in May and October and the admission happens respectively in the first and second semesters. The Phd’s admission process occurs in the form of a continuous flow, with a specific announcement published annually. More information can be found under Admissions.

The faculty at PPGEE/UFPR is composed by 24 professors, where 5 of them are granted by Productivity in Research Scholarship (PQ Scholarship) from CNPq and 1 of them by a Technological Development and Innovative Extension Scholarship, also by CNPq.

Until April 2021, the total of Master’s dissertations and PhD’s thesis that were defended are:

324 Master’s Dissertations

22 PhD’s Thesis

The teaching staff at PPGEE/UFPR keeps a scientific exchange with various research groups located in Brazil and abroad, being highlighted the agreement of Master’s joint degree with Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI), from Germany. More information can be found under Double Degree.

The research done by the faculty and graduates at PPGEE is frequently presented at scientific journals and at national and international conventions, even receiving prizes as the best scientific articles presented at events.

The PPGEE/UFPR has concept “4” in the CAPES Quadrennial Evaluation.


Double-Degree Program at THI Germany - Second Semester 2024

The Notice 08/2024 for the Selective process to classify students for the double-degree program, master's level, with Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI), Germany, for the second semester of 2024 has been published.

Instructions for the dual degree can be found at:

The Notice is available at:

→


Processo seletivo para Mestrado em Engenharia Elétrica para o 2º semestre de 2024

O Colegiado do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Elétrica (PPGEE) da Universidade Federal do Paraná, no uso das suas atribuições legais e regimentais resolve estabelecer datas, critérios e procedimentos para a seleção e admissão ao Curso de Mestrado do PPGEE para o ingresso no 2º semestre de 2024.

As inscrições estão abertas e vão até 13/06/2024. Não perca esta oportunidade, mais informações em:

→


PPGEE publica novo Edital para credenciamento de novos docentes

Foi aprovado na 239ª reunião do Colegiado do PPGEE o Edital Nº 06/2024 com as normas que regem o Processo de Seleção para Credenciamento de Novos Docentes para Atuação no PPGEE.

Mais informações em:

Em caso de dúvidas, entrar em contato com

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