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Code Course Hours Credits
EELT-7032 Teaching Practice - Master's Work Plan Template 45h 03
EELT-7033 Teaching Practice I - PhD Teaching Practice I Plan 60h 04
EELT-7034 Teaching Practice I - PhD Teaching Practice II Plan 60h 04
EELT-7013 Directed Study - Master's Work Plan Template 45h 03
EELT-7014 Directed Study I - PhD Directed Study I Plan 60h 04
EELT-7015 Directed Study II - PhD Directed Study II Plan 60h 04
EELT-7001 Digital Signal Processing I 60h 04
EELT-7002 Data Communication Networks 60h 04
EELT-7005 Analysis and Operation of Electrical Power Systems 60h 04
EELT-7007 Optical Communications I 60h 04
EELT-7008 Electronic Devices 60h 04
EELT-7009 Electrodynamics 60h 04
EELT-7011 Stability and Control of Electrical Power Systems 60h 04
EELT-7016 System Identification and Time Series Forecasting 60h 04
EELT-7017 Advanced Electronic Instrumentation 60h 04
EELT-7019 Applied Artificial Intelligence 60h 04
EELT-7023 Applied Artificial Intelligence 60h 04
EELT-7025 Advanced Methods in Electronic Systems 60h 04
EELT-7026 Advanced Methods in Telecommunications 60h 04
EELT-7027 Optimization Methods for Electrical Engineering 60h 04
EELT-7028 Numerical Methods for Electronic Circuits Analysis 60h 04
EELT-7030 Planning Operation and Expansion of Electrical Power Systems 60h 04
EELT-7035 Stochastic Processes in Engineering 60h 04
EELT-7036 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design 60h 04
EELT-7038 Radio Propagation 60h 04
EELT-7039 Signals and Systems 60h 04
EELT-7042 Optimization Techniques Applied to Electrical Power Systems Operation 60h 04
EELT-7043 Linear Systems Theory 60h 04
EELT-7044 Advanced Topics in Power Systems 30h 02
EELT-7045 Advanced Topics in Electronic Systems 30h 02
EELT-7046 Advanced Topics in Telecommunications 30h 02
EELT-7048 Finite Elements 30h 02
EELT-7049 Power Electronics for Electric Machine Drives 60h 04
EELT-7050 Power Electronics for Distributed Generation 60h 04
EELT-7051 Identification and Simulation of Systems in Frequency and Time Domains 60h 04
EELT-7052 Advanced Control Systems 60h 04
EELT-7053 Research Seminars 45h 03
EELT-7054 Predictive Control Techniques 60h 04
EELT-7055 Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Communication Systems 60h 04

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