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Lines of research

Microwaves and Applied Electromagnetism

It is researched active and passive microwave devices, like antennas, filters and amplifiers, built with waveguides, planar lines and radio frequency transistors. There is emphasis in simulation techniques and numerical modeling and in the application of this devices in wireless communication systems. Problems with scattered fields, RCS, radar techniques and interference are also investigated.

Communication Systems

This line of research includes the following themes: Performance analysis of communication systems including the efficient use of communication channels, highlighting the use of digital modulation techniques, data compression algorithms, error control and data communication protocols. It is studied Service Quality (SQ) and Experience Quality in network package through modeling and traffic characterization of multimedia data through these networks. Voice and video transportation in network package and communication in multihomed systems are also addressed themes. It includes new advances in wireless communication networks as cognitive radio systems and cooperative communication. It is also approached communication technologies for smart grids.


  • Bernardo Leite (passive components - transformers, inductors, power combiners - integrated in silicon for microwave circuits)
  • César Augusto Dartora (optics and wave propagation)
  • Carlos Marcelo Pedroso (computer networks, internet IP, modeling, performance analysis and education in engineering)
  • Eduardo Gonçalves de Lima (modeling of power amplifiers for mobile communication, numerical methods applied to RF circuits analysis and microwaves, transmitters with high energy efficiency for 4G mobile communication systems)
  • Eduardo Parente Ribeiro (data communication, computer networks, modeling, performance analysis, software-defined network (SDN), networked control system (NCS), multipath communication)
  • Evelio Martín García Fernández (digital communications, information and coding theory, wireless communications, cognitive radio systems, Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communication in 5G (URLLC))
  • Luis Henrique A. Lolis (cognitive radio, detecting and identifying modulations, spectrum sensing, physical layer study (modulation, error correcting codes) for new wireless communication technologies)

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