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Double masters with ‘Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI), in Germany

The PPGEE, along with UFPR’s PPG in Mechanical Engineering (PPGEM), arranged, in 2015, a double master’s degree with THI’s (Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt) International Automotive Engineering’s master’s program, Germany.

In order to participate in this double degree program, the student must be registered in the PPGEE’s masters and register for the selective program that occurs annually or, for the students in Germany, in THI’s International Automotive Engineering masters. Furthermore, the student must have completed the first semester in their primary institution. After the course’s conclusion (which shouldn’t exceed 24 months), the student will receive the title of Master in Electrical Engineering through UFPR and the title of Master of Engineering (International Automotive Engineering), through THI.

The exchange must be in two consecutive semesters. In order to obtain the double degree, the student must have fulfilled all requirements from both institutions: compliance with credits in courses, defense of the research project, defense of the master’s thesis and the presentation of a scientific article in a congress. The official language for the master’s thesis is English. The courses already offered in English at the PPGEE were: EELT7002 - Data Communication Network (eelt7002-english.pdf), EELT7019 - Intelligent systems application to electrical engineering (eelt-7019.pdf) e EELT7039 - signals and systems (eelt7039_-_ficha_2_english.pdf). For more information about the rules established by the double master’s agreement, UFPR/THI, see agrement_dd_ee_nov2015.pdf, in particular the table of attachment 1, or the fluxogram below.

Example of two projects developed by this agreement:

• With students from UFPR: Project: Security for Vehicle Mobility in Networks (SeMOVER) – financed by ‘Fundação Araucária’.

• With students from THI: Project: Analysis of Potential Applications and Business Models for Battery Energy Storage Systems on a Low and Medium Voltage Distribution Systems in Brazil.

Informations about the city of Ingolstadt and THI:

The city of Ingolstadt is where Audi’s headquarters are. The region is an industrial pole and the THI’s labs possess a great interaction with the automotive industry. An example is CARISSMA laboratory (, focused on vehicle security.

As a result of the consolidation of this agreement, until nowadays, one German masters student from THI was in PPGEE-UFPR for a year, and defended their master’s thesis in PPGEE in May/2017. Furthermore, six masters Brazilian students in PPGEE-UFPR concluded their masters dissertations in THI, of those, two were concluded in 2018, one in 2019, and three in 2020.

Fluxogram illustrating the process of obtaining the double degree for PPGEE and THI students.

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