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Electronic Systems

This section comprises the study of electronic systems and its applications in the areas of communication, control and automation systems. The subjects range from the physical foundations of electronic systems to the complex application in the automation, electronic instruments and telecommunication fields. The purpose of this course is to enable students to present innovative solutions for the development of analogical electronic systems and radio-frequency, as well as circuits, for relevant issues inside the feedback control system and dynamic system identification. Research on processing and analyzing audio, video and image signals is also included.

Lines of research

Circuits and Electronic Instrumentation

The focus of this line of research is the study of the broad scope of electronic systems, as well as its intersections with communication systems. It aims to comprehend everything from the physical foundations of electronic devices in the micro and nanoelectronic scale to its applications in complex systems. The nanoelectronic section focuses on studying the physical foundations of charge carriers' transportation in a nanometric scale, and its appliances in spintronics and photovoltaic devices. The integrated devices projects (CIs) subsection focuses on the development of circuits and electronic systems with low potency usage in the analogic electronics and radiofrequency (RF) segments. The measurement instruments and sensors subsection focuses in studying and developing new diverse nature signals sensing technologies, including radiofrequency as a medium of transduction. Finally, the signal processing subsection is dedicated to the development of algorithms, hardware and software for processing and analyzing audio, video and image signals.

Control and Aumotation

This line of research aims to investigate relevant problems inside the feedback control systems field, in the identification of dynamic systems, the diagnosis and forecast of systems that aim to develop new techniques and algorithms as well as studying its application in real, complex situations. Regarding control systems, all the stages of its application are addressed, such as synthesis and control analysis, performance analysis and control loops diagnosis and practical implementation of the algorithms. Optimization techniques that use metaheuristic for the analysis, forecast and diagnosis of complex systems are also addressed. The research topics approached are: predictive, adaptive, self-adjustable, multivariable processes, non-linear systems, modelling control and identification of linear and non-linear systems, identification in the frequency domain, neural networks, system diagnosis and metaheuristics. The course emphasizes the fundamental theories, as well as practical systems.


  • Andre Augusto Mariano (design and test of integrated circuits (ASICs), wireless communication systems, RFID systems (intelligent TAG), RF circuits, mixed and digital, electromagnetism, antennas, electromagnetic theory)
  • Bernardo Leite (project of integrated power amplifiers for radiofrequency)
  • César Augusto Dartora (Maxwell equations, quantum mechanics, nanomagnetism and mesoscopic physics, optics and diffraction theory)
  • Eduardo Parente Ribeiro (instrumentation, wireless sensor nets, networked control system (NCS), image processing, machine learning, neural networks)
  • Gideon Villar Leandro (systems identification, control systems, discrete event systems and mathematical modeling)
  • Gustavo Henrique da Costa Oliveira (systems identification with data in the time and frequency domains, model of predictive control systems, robust and/or with fractional-order, application of control systems for microgrids with renewable energy)
  • Leandro dos Santos Coelho (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, System Identification, Advanced Control Systems, Time Series Forecasting, Optimization, Metaheuristics, Artificial Intelligence Applied to Power Systems)
  • Luis Henrique A. Lolis (receiver systems for radiofrequency, RF receiver in the discrete time domain, modeling and behavior simulation of RF systems, embedded electronic systems focusing on IoT)
  • Marlio José do Couto Bonfim (scientific instrumentation, high frequency measurements, generation of pulsed magnetic fields)

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